Meet our Trial Technicians

Starting with the discovery process, from mediation to trial, our Trial Technicians are there to make sure things run seamlessly. You can count on us to communicate from beginning to end when building your case.  All of your information will be organized, numbered and ready to be called up when needed.  Features like zoom, tear outs, multiple exhibit views, annotations, impeachment video clips, are right at your finger tips. We have everything you need whether it be a simple projector and screen or a multiple monitor set up with switching capabilities. We have you covered. Depending on where your trial is located, we can work with the courts in advance to make sure you have everything you need. This ensures a successful setup and can help avoid additional costs for the equipment the court may supply.

Lonny Mead
Lonny MeadTrial Technician
Justin Crowe
Justin CroweTrial Technician
Darren Schmaling
Darren SchmalingTrial Technician
Seth Kaplan
Seth KaplanTrial Technician

Our Trial Technicians are skilled in case asset management, courtroom setup and presenting all types of multimedia assets. We offer support for Sanction, Trial Director, iPad, PowerPoint, Video and Flash Interactive Presentations. In addition to presenting raw assets such as documents and video, our team of consultants, medical illustrators, graphic designers and animators are available to create any type of exhibit you need prepared for your case.

Pre-Trial Production / Preparation

Numbering your documents and other case assets is of the utmost importance. We can get you started with a system that will help access all of these items seamlessly when in the courtroom or mediation.
Creating Clips or Multi-Clips with only the information you want to be played.
Whether it is on the front end or on the fly we can highlight or annotate any of your exhibits as needed.
Our Trial Techs can meet with you to dry run your presentation, allowing you to change sequence, review options, add items, practice calling out of numbers referencing trial note book, etc., in essence getting comfortable with your presentation before trial.
Set up, run, and break down of our equipment in court.  Evaluate or preview size of venue or courtroom prior to event to isolate what equipment is best utilized or required.

Courtroom / Mediation Ready

Input of any graphic and or medical exhibits into the case or interactive presentation.
Rentals of Laptop, Projector, Screen, Monitors (varying sizes), Printer, and Scanner are available if utilized with our trial technician. Trial technician will set-up, run and break down equipment.
Making Clips on the fly from synchronized video is what trial software was created for. When the testimony is different it can be called up and a clip made on the fly then played back for the jury.
Ability to focus in or accentuate the key or crucial points to your case on any exhibits.
Access and availability of experienced and talented designers, illustrators, technicians to articulate your case in a viable and visual format. From start to completion we are part of your litigation team.
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